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Accountancy Services

We pride ourselves on being much more than just accountants & bookkeepers!

It is our mission to assist small business owners to help them be the best they can be. With over 20 years experience of working in and owning small businesses across many market sectors we have run in to most problems and overcome them.  It is this knowledge that sets us apart from your usual run of the mill bean-counters.

In order for any business owner to run their company effectively they must however be completely on top of their numbers and know exactly what is going on within their business on a day to day basis. We totally understand that not everyone has a head for figures and you may not be up to date with the latest accountancy laws and news so we are here to lighten this burden and do the number crunching for you!

But as stated at the beginning of this page… we do not class ourselves as just accountants…  In our minds accountants are one of those big costs you have to fork out for and only get information once a year which by the time you receive it is out of date.

How would it change your business if you could see week in week out the position of your business and receive a monthly management report every single month detailing everything you need to know about the financial state of your business? This information can then be used for informed decision making such as:

  • Can I buy that piece of machinery this month?
  • Do I have enough cash reserved for my tax bill?
  • Am I maximising the profit potential from each part of my business?

We won’t just provide you with the information, we will meet up and discuss it with you and help with any decisions you need to make.  We will also point out any useful tips and savings we have noticed whilst preparing this invaluable management information for you.


Accountancy Services

Our flexible approach means you can use us as little or as much as you like!

Want someone to take over your accounts/finance function in it’s entirety?
Leave it to us – we can handle everything from your daily bookkeeping tasks right through to your payroll, VAT returns and year end statutory accounts and tax returns.

Already got a financial accountant who deals with you year end info?
No problem – we can assist with the day to day side of things such as bookkeeping and payroll and liaise directly with your accountants to get things done super fast.

Need more management information?
We can provide you with monthly “management accounts” which will help you to see exactly what is going on within your business. We will go through all the figures with you and promise not to use a load of jargon waffle or business speak.

Accountancy services


If you are not one for numbers or struggle to keep on top of all your financial information then this is the option for you. We will take over all the paperwork and processes involved in getting you the correct financial information to run your business.

managed accounts

Monthly Management Accounts

Following on from bookkeeping – what happens to the information we have generated during the month? It’s no good to anyone if it’s just sat there not being put to good use. We can provide a monthly Management Information package for you.

Monthly Management Accounts
payroll cheque


We are able to process your payroll for you and currently run weekly, fortnightly and monthly payrolls for our clients. We also process and pay numerous CIS subcontractors each month and ensure all returns are sent to the HMRC on time and correctly.


Accountancy Fees

You may be surprised at how little it costs for us to do your accounts for you! Non-VAT registered Companies/Sole Traders from just £99 per month!

Accountancy Fees


Cash Flow Issues

SWSBS went through our internal systems to see where our cash flow problems stemmed from.  They changed our customer contracts to improve payment terms and now our income matches our supplier payment dates which is fantastic.  They even dealt with all our suppliers for us to get the best payment terms!

Bank Funding Granted

We were looking to obtain a small overdraft to help our business during the quieter months.  After months of trying to get help from the bank to no avail we asked SWSBS to help us.  Needless to say we now have the overdraft facility in place as well as monthly accounts so we know where we are.  Our bank manager said they were really impressed with how we are now “all over our numbers”.  It’s a great feeling knowing we are back in control.

Business Doctors

“After a few years of struggling to build our business we called SWSBS in for an initial free consultation.  We were really impressed with their advice and how they go about things – extremely relaxed and friendly.  Now SWSBS have taken over our full finance function and it is like we have an accounts department without the expense of one.  Cannot recommend enough, we refer to them within our business as the Business Doctors as they just seem to get things sorted.”


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